Water Uptake Test

SumiBall absorbs liquids, which are then filtered and released slowly back to the environment. This improves drought tolerance, protects against the stresses of ‘feast and famine’ watering, and reduces maintenance and improves health for plants by creating a highly humid near-sterile environment.


100ml Sumiball was tested. This is not the true volume of the material: assuming a perfect sphere model then the ratio of a sphere to its enclosing cube is π/6 = 52.4%. Actual SumiBall volume is then c. 52.4 ml.
200ml of water added and left for 2 hours after which time the remaining water was measured at 160ml. Therefore uptake of 40 ml.

Estimate of water uptake is then:

40% by overall measured Sumiball volume
40 / 52.4
= 76.3% of actual volume


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