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SumiSoil SumiSoil - Ideal growing medium for stronger plants and flowers

House Plants

Use your SumiSoil as an organic soil replacer, just like a general purpose compost or soil conditioner; instead of soil, mixed with soil or as a topping for soil. Simply add water and liquid plant food, and listen to the activated Sumi charcoal fizz as it soaks up the benefits for slow release direct to the roots. SumiSoil can absorb over 75% of its own volume in water!

SumiSoil is great for promoting healthy house plants; as a soil-replacer, SumiSoil will add around 30% extra growing space, increase oxygenation and sweeten the soils. SumiSoil is clean and easy to handle, and you can even grow your plants in pots without drainage to reduce mess and mud in your home.

Patio Planters

Your SumiSoil will make an attractive display of pot plants - indoors, outdoors and in conservatories - while controlling acidity and improving oxygenation. SumiSoil is perfect for use in patio planters, as a topping, soil replacer or soil additive.

Well-drained planters dry out quickly, and completely lose even the most carefully balanced nutrients in a matter of weeks, flushed out through the drainage holes. This can leave only dry barren soil, but by using your SumiSoil in zero-drainage containers you can conserve water and nutrients, increasing drought tolerance and overcoming the stresses of 'feast and famine' that many plants suffer. SumiSoil increases oxygenation and actively controls bacteria to fight root rot and disease, and so there is no need for drainage with SumiSoil.

Hanging Baskets

Fill your hanging baskets with SumiSoil for drought-tolerant hanging baskets that look beautiful all Summer. By sealing off the drainage, you can reduce the maintenance required and make the most of SumiSoil as a slow-release mechanism for the water and nutrients you add, without fear of plant rot or disease. Hanging baskets make beautiful displays, and this year we're all being encouraged to work on our hanging baskets by the BBC Gardeners' World team!


SumiSoil is an ideal medium for fast and strong propagation; by creating a near-sterile environment with high humidity, cuttings and seeds strike quickly and reliably and grow disease-free and healthy. Fungi found in the surface of traditional growing media can attack new seedlings, however SumiSoil forms a highly effective protection against this.

SumiSoil is available in smart re-sealable cardboard towers that can easily be composted or recycled. The 1,500ml size has an easy-pour top perfect for use with small propagation trays, and is just right to fill one 15cm or three 9cm pots.

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Why not try SumiSoil with fruit and vegetables in your greenhouse? For ideas, have a look at our gallery - and send us your own pictures!

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