SumiBall brings health to the home and life to the garden, with applications including a reusable next‑generation soil replacer for easy and more successful propagation and growing, a water filtration medium for algae-free ponds and water featurhypes, a oallergenic cure for sick building syndrome, an active substrate for healthy aquariums and terrariums, a powerful odour control additive for cat litter, and even display beads for longer‑lasting cut flowers.

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SumiSoil next-generation soil replacer, Ideal for seeds and cuttings, bulbs, hanging baskets, top dressing, bottle gardens, terrariums, mulching


AquaSumi for clear and healthy aquatics, Use in ponds and water features, rain water harvesting systems,


SumiSubstrate active carbon, Substrate filtration for tropical and cold-water fish, amphibians, reptiles


SumiCat odour-free cat litter, Simply mix with existing litters, for all domestic pets


SumiPure for healthier homes, Use in attractive displays like pot pourri or as a local deodoriser


SumiBloom for longer lasting flowers, Display beads for all floral arrangements