We believe that SumiBall is a truly remarkable product that will bring life and colour to your home and garden. SumiBall can be used again and again, and we want to help you to get the most out of your Sumi. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

SumiBloom SumiBloom - For flowers that open sooner and last longer

Display your cut flowers in vases with SumiBloom and enjoy longer-lasting beautiful displays, in water that stays fresh and crystal clear. SumiBloom is available in a range of soft colours, including pastel blue, chalk, terracotta and charcoal, and looks great on its own, in layers, or designed and mixed with coordinating or contrasting colours.

When finished, simply rinse and re-use for your next bouquet; you can use your SumiBloom again and again.

Use your SumiBloom just like other decorative beads in vases of flowers, but unlike other decorative beads, the active Sumi charcoal will help keep the water fresh and clear - for flowers that open sooner and last longer. Your SumiBloom will also reduce the build-up of unsightly green algae, and actively control unpleasant odours from standing water. SumiBloom is a completely natural and organic product.

SumiBloom is available in smart re-sealable cardboard cubes that can be easily composted or recycled. The 350ml pack is ideal for most small to medium size vases.

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Why not show your creativity and mix your colours together, or in layers? For inspiration, have a look at our gallery - and send us your own pictures!

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